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ready for the best grill Flava?


Braai Spice by EES

...perfected with all your grill meat needs to have the best taste - with no MSG, colorants or preservatives - vegan friendly and lots of that special NAM FLAVA!-)
Its Unique

The Real Taste of Namibian SPICE

We offer the authentic Namibian grill style, of Coriander, Salt, Paprika, parsley, Garlic, Onion and a lots of that special NAM FLAVA!
if not, why not!


Because we want the whole world to taste what real NAM FLAVA "braai" (grill) session tastes like, we are shipping worldwide - shipping costs will vary as it all just depends where you are in this beautiful world, but we will send it!-)

The Team


Rene “Palvis” Werner

“A real braai means using the real Braai Spice, I now use NAM FLAVA braai spice – cause its all in one – and its the one, Gees!”

Rene “Palvis” Werner

Van Dee

” the art of braaing one of the perfect skaapripp is a combination of spice and time, with NAM FLAVA Braai Spice – i already have one element sorted the rest is just time!”

Van Dee

The Hunta

“When it comes to spice I know what I am talking about when I say all I need this the NAM FLAVA Braai spice for my braai session!”

The Hunta