Who We Are

Born and growing up in the African bush of Namibia, these two boys went to the same school for almost 12 years. And one of the first things you learn as a young boy in Namibia is how to “Braai” (grill) the proper nam flava way. That time when your dad gives you the grill fork for the first time and shows you how its done – is the time you know how valuable that culture of braai is.

EES became a well known musician and social influencer and Robert successfully took over the Spice company of his father called “NAMCAS”. The vision of EES having his own braai spice has been there for a while – but the timing was never right – till one day he met up with Robert in a restaurant and took the opportunity to speak with him about his ideas. Everything from there on was just late hours of designing labels, websites, talking to distributors and finding a way to get the new Braai spice on the market.


Our Team


Spice facts

When it came to the mix of the new "NAM FLAVA" braai spice it was very important for EES to focus on quality. He did not want any MSG (monosodium glutamate), no colorants and no preservatives. Only the best of Namibian sea salt, parsley, paprika, garlic, onion, coriander, sugar and all extras that make this a great tasting grill spice for the whole family to enjoy.When it comes to the slang term "NAM FLAVA" it basically means - that special Namibian spirit when standing around a camelthorn fire in the bush or backyard of your home with friends and having a good laugh while having an ice cold drink in your hand!-)
Namibian Sea Salt 55%
Coriander 25%
Onion & Garlic & Paprika 35%